Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking for any help on my blog

If you've stumbled across my little blog and would like to make some suggestions on how to improve the layout or looks, please feel free. (Only nice help, please. If you don't care for this blog so be it, happy surfing in other places, ok?)
I consider myself quite technically challenged. But I have spent some time figuring some things out, like how to add the box over to the right for viewers to receive my blog updates via email. Piece of cake thanks to some kind soul's blog post.
The other thing I'm so happy I discovered is how to post a blog link without listing the whole thing, that is, http:/thegreatblog/blah/blah etc.
My contribution: Find the link you would like to copy and highlight and then right click. Choose copy. (Or you can highlight then chose Edit-Copy). Go to the page you would like to place your link. Type the word "here" or "Great blog" or whatever. Drag your mouse to highlight the entire word or words. Then look for link shortcut (looks like a metal link) and click on it. A pop-up box comes up. Right click on the URL (starts with http...)and click paste to replace the one in the pop-up box with the one you had copied. Enter and you are done. Viola!
I found this VERY helpful tip on this wonderful blog. See how nice it is to see a small word like "Blog" instead of the whole long address! And did you notice I even changed the font color after I highlighted the word blog, but before I clicked on the link shortcut.
I hope in some small way this made sense. If I can think of a better way to explain it, I'll get to it.

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  1. Congratulations on beginning this journey in the blog~o~sphere! I've just passed my first year and it is such fun (and time consuming!!!). My home bound MIL is able to hop on daily and keep in touch with me. That is a good thing.

    You'll find what you like and don't rather quickly. Keep it up, you're got cool art to bring to us! Good luck in the last CHF challenge