Saturday, July 25, 2009

All the difference!

Here's my week 4 entry for CHF: Create a Scene. (See my previous posts for details).

I don't think I'm very good at making scenes. Well, at least on paper!

So my thought was to do a pop-up card. A very time consuming idea, so I wanted the front of the card to be very simple. I'm not sure this is a home run, but my kids just kept checking on my progress and were completely wowed by it.

Let me take you into my mind for a minute... You have to understand this card started with the movie, "The Wizard of Oz". If you remember, part of the very cool effect of the movie was that early in the movie, when Dorothy was in Kansas, the movie was filmed in black & white. Then when she wakes up in Oz, it is in this amazing technicolor--as if to emphasize the fact that it is a totally different world. So there you go. The first photo here is the front of my attempt at black & white (or shades of gray, here) and making the scence look rather dull and flat. The second photo is of the inside of the card. Amazing technicolor! A mix of a pop-up card and diorama elements. I used copics for most of the coloring. I used a collection of Kim Hughes elements mostly from Spring Trees, Christmas Critters and Forest Friendzy. I also used the wonderful sentiment by Robert Frost. I hope you can see my effort to reinforce the idea the road less travelled, REALLY DOES make all the difference.
I'm not sure my photos were very good. After loading the pics, my kids asked if I was going to win. Matter-of-factly I said maybe not because there are some incredible entries. My 8 year old came over to me put one arm around my shoulder and said, "Well, would definitely win the best Mom contest 'cause you're the best Mom in the whole world" (Completely sincere!).
And that, my dear friends, is indeed a contest worth winning!
CHF weekly winner? Nice. Having your kids think you are the greatest? Priceless.

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