Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Mom

My Dear Friends,
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." -Charles Dickens, from the novel A Tale of Two Cities.
My siblings, my Dad, and I were blessed to be around my Mom's bed as she died yesterday,
9-9-09 at 3:00 pm. For almost a week, my brothers & sisters, among grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family and numerous friends, waited and prayed for Mom as she walked the final leg of her earthly journey. I can't tell you how many times I laughed and cried in the last few days. There was more than one 3 am memory fest around the coffee pot, and I can't believe how many of my siblings snore! Leave it to my Mom to make sure we had everything we needed spiritually!
She was like that, you know. Anyone could come to her back door and she would welcome them in with a smile. She'd probably try to get you something to eat/drink and offer you a place at her kitchen table.
She had this presence about her that made you feel as if she'd been waiting all day to see you, and when she did, her joy was complete! And when she looked at me, her blue eyes shown with the fact that she thought I was the best kid in the whole world (which I'm not, trust me.)! But in her blue eyes, I was. (My family would each argue that she only looked at them like that :)
Unconditional, pure love. No matter what. Oh, my dear readers, I pray you have someone in your life like that!
So, it is with joy that I will wait to see her again when my time on earth is done (with God's grace and mercy). But if you happen to make it to Heaven before I do, be sure to look her up. You'll know when you find her.
Just look in her eyes!


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